Buying Power™ Monthly Seminars

At the foundation of EEI’s financial literacy programming are the training seminars held monthly on core college campuses. Utilizing accredited standards of the Institute for Financial Literacy, as well as the educational principles of other financial literacy authorities such as MoneySmart by the FDIC, these free monthly modules include: Budgeting, Credit Cards and Debt, Student Loans, Savings and Investing, Homeownership, Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship.

Utilizing a “train the trainer” approach, students not only learn vital financial literacy education for themselves, but for the benefit of others, as well. Students enrolled in the program are required to teach 50 hours of financial seminars to fellow students on their campus, in local high schools and throughout the community at large.

The long-term goal of Buying Power™ is to encourage financial independence, promote entrepreneurship, support regular savings, increase charitable giving, and enhance student leadership development.
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