Financial Mentor™ Program

Sound financial decision making is a practice that is developed over time with the encouragement and accountability of financial role models. This program goes beyond the occasional lecture about money and moves to a more comprehensive and proactive strategy whereby we are able to monitor and change behavior.

In partnership with residence halls and financial aid offices, EEI hosts workshops for incoming students during Freshman Orientation. In these workshops, EEI and partnering financial advisors discuss the realities of student loans and credit, including the terms of repayment. Confronted with their obligations, students develop financial plans upfront, discouraging them from incurring debt beyond their means during their college years. Every student sits with their financial advisor/volunteer and presents a comprehensive financial plan for the first 12-24 months post-graduation. Plans include automatic savings for an emergency fund, retirement accounts, household budgeting, and a repayment plan for student loans.

With the increase of student indebtedness and the harsh job market students face, the goal is to provide college age students with financial education and support so they may pursue their dreams and develop realistic plans to achieve financial independence.
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